So the joke was on me 27FEB16, thinking there was an 727 inbound, drove about 1:30hrs even broke a couple records. To find out this was our elusive 727 an Cirrus SR-22 with the same reg C-FMEY as a previous reg of a 727. So before driving long distance do some more research.

Private Cirrus SR-22 _AH3V6906.jpg

This all of this shenanigans, I was able to do a little spotting and got Southwest (Missouri One) N280WN, couple private jets and business jets.

Southwest Airlines B737-700_AH3V6956

Southwest (Missouri One) Boeing 737-700

NetJets BD-700-1A10 _AH3V6941

NetJets Bombardier 700


GulfStream V

IBC Air ERJ-145_AS5J2893

IBC Air ERJ-145

Swift Air B737-400_AH3V7024

Swift Air B737-400


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