Cherry Blossom Washington D.C 2016


It was a warm spring morning, been watching the cherry blossom prediction and noticed that they will be in full bloom on the 24-25 march. I was very optimistic so I decided to pack my bags, make reservation at a nearby hotel, and make a long 5-hour journey to Washington D.C.


Neither less to say the drive was pretty long and monogamous as the route along 1-95 is nothing but traffic, trash and broken down vehicle and police but that didn’t stop the excitement I was having seeing the cherry blossom in Washington DC for the first time along the Tidal Basin. I have been to the lovely city numerous times, I have enjoyed what the city has to offer in summer, spring and winter, and I have yet to experience the fall.


As usual, the traffic is no exception always crowded no matter time of time but that did not bother me, as I was ready to experience the Cherry Blossom festival. The cherry blossom were a gift given to the United States by Japan and a symbol of peace, and every year it has become an annual event attracting over a million visitors per day and being part of this was a momentous occasion.


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