Langley AFB Airshow 2016

This was my first airshow of the season; I was excited about attending and one of two air shows that will be in the state of Virginia. This airshow was a three-day event, the good thing I was able to get off on Friday and drive to Virginia, which was a good four-hour drive. Like every airshow I prep my gear and make sure that everything is ready and have all my setting correct.


During the airshow the weather was not seem promising and it looked like it would be a total washout due to the weather. The twilight show was to be the star attraction with the F-22 Raptor Demo team performing and having some nice afterburner effects, but that was cancelled due to the weather, which was a bummer. I was disappointed that it was cancelled but before they cancelled the airshow I was able to take couple pictures of the static display. The major highlight was the KC-10 from Dix-McGuire Airforce base in New Jersey. I enjoyed taking pictures of this workhorse of the Airforce.


The second day of the airshow started with no issues, the weather was slight overcast but it improved over the day there wasn’t much performances but it was very exciting when it came to aerial performers from the F-22 Demo team, the Airforce heritage flight and the F-35. When it came to the United States Thunderbirds, well the weather changed dramatically there were thunderstorms nearby, then it came within 5 miles of the airfield and they had to cancel the performance. That was total bummer but there was always tomorrow. Like they said “third time is the charm right” well let us just say the sun was out but the wind was blowing and I forgot my jacket and let’s just say I was freezing and it was the ending of April.

USAF F-22A Raptor

Seeing the Thunderbirds for the 2016 was amazing, they added few new routines and they wowed the crowd, with their thrill and tricks. It was great experience even with the bad weather the airshow was successful, Well see you all next week, when attend Marine Corps Cherry Point Airshow.


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