National Museum of the United States Air Force


This was one of the biggest trips of my lifetime, visiting the United States Airforce Museum, in Dayton Ohio. They had just opened up the fourth Hanger show casing the Presidential Aircrafts, Global Reach and the Research and Developmental Aircrafts.  This trip was in the making for the last couple of years and I finally decided to make this long nine-hour journey to Ohio.  I was very pleased with the journey, which started in Fayetteville, North Carolina and 600 miles later, it ended in Dayton, Ohio


I arrived at the La Quinta Inn around 11:30pm, checked into my hotel room without any issues and basically went to bed after the long trip, got into the room checked everything out and must say The bed was very comfy too passed out instantly.  Woke up at 6:30am I was like a little kid going to Disneyland, I was nothing because of all the excitement, made myself a cup of Joe and prepping my camera gear for a day at the museum. Myself for spending the day at the museum. I must say I was surprised at the room it was nice and very clean.


Went to the hotel lobby had a continental breakfast, relaxed caught a little news in before heading to the museum which opened promptly at 9am.  Wanted to get there early before the crowds got there to see the highlight of the museum that were outside and beat the crowd as they entered.  The main attraction of the crowd was the new hanger 4.  I was quite surprised how close the hotel was to the museum and how spacious the parking was and all the artifacts they had displayed inside and outside, including the memorial gardens.  The National Museum of the United States US Airforce is spread out in four large hangers, broken down from early aviation, World War I and II, Korean War, Cold War, Vietnam, Missile technology, Presidential Aircrafts, Global Reach and Research and Development technology.


There was the memorial garden outside and also they had few statics outside also, which was taking quite a beating from the weather element. Spent a few minutes outside and headed to the main entrance of the museum, the line wasn’t too bad once in headed straight to the fourth hanger. I was just amazed by everything in that hanger, I was star stuck and how mazing it was. It was crazy seeing the same aircraft that carried John Fitzgerald Kennedy when he was assassinated in Dallas, Texas on November 22nd 1963. It was just crazy; I started to get goose bumps just feeling the presence of this historical aircraft, which went to served six more presidents until it was retired.  The star attraction was seeing the North American XB-70 “Valkyrie” wow I cannot believe that thing actually flew, imagined if that was till in service today what a great sight it would be see.


I was quite surprised how immense the vast of knowledge I gathered from the museum, I saw aircrafts I did not know even existed and to my quite surprise, some actually flew in combat as replacements or testing evaluations for future flight in the US Air force.  The museum the staff was quite friends and were very eager to explain some of the exhibits and of course I always learned something new every time.


It was a great experience to be in the museum of the United States Air Force.  I always get a thrill of the excitement it brings, knowing some of these aircraft were built for war and total destruction but one even carried the name of Peacemaker.  Until next time, not sure, where my next adventure will be I will be posting soon.




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