Upcoming Southern California Trip

Qantas Boeing 747-400

In the past, couple days I have been planning a trip to Los Angeles, California. This trip was a last minute trip due to the fact. I have vacation days to use before I lose them at the end of the fiscal year, yea I do lose vacation days, and losing it is frown upon. I am excited I plan to do a photo shoot Air-to-Air photo shoot over Los Angeles International Airport with couple friends and at various times over a period of three days, plan to visit the Queen Mary 2 Museum, Battleship USS Iowa and plan do some night photography long the pier and other locations to improve my photography. I was even thinking of making it out to Van Nuys Airfield and capture some biz jet and General aviation.


El Al Boeing 777-200 4X-ECF

In addition, I plan to visit San Diego and do a little aviation spotting at the airport and some sightseeing along San Diego. I have been there before but I did not get to do much but this time I plan to do a little more, visit the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier and any nearby museums and enjoy some authentic Mexican food. Enjoy the southern California and all the wonders.

Private Boeing 777-200LR VP-CAL

I will try to post few updates as I go along my adventures. Stay tuned.


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