Southern California 10 day trip

Busy TBIT Afternoon rush

               Los Angeles, California one of my favorite places to spot and where actually I can so Air 2 Air shots of the above the airport and catch bout departures and arrivals.  This trip has been in the works for the past month, quick last minute trip since I ad vacation days to use or I will lose it due to the new fiscal year starting at the end of September.  I planned to visit San Diego and just do some spotting down there since I have not done it since 2013.  This trip coincided with MCAS Miramar air show, which I did not, attended just because they had limited show and not much static displays.

Private Boeing 727-17

            When I started, my trip planning to do several Air-to-Air photography over Los Angeles International Airport, one with a friend to share the cost of the larger helicopter the R44 and one solo by myself in the R22 with the pilot.  Just so, I can capture as much of the arrivals and departures of most of the international departures.  My main goal was to get as much of the A380 arrivals or departures, since those tend to be my highlights and any specials would slip in.

American Airlines B737-800 “TWA retro”

            When my trip started on Saturday 17 September in the wee hours of the morning, I departed from Fayetteville international Airport on a Delta MD-88 to Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport, which is only about a quick 30-minute flight.  I was able to fire off few frames trying to capture the departure at first I had some trouble but then I was able to get everything to work and enjoy the rest of the flight.  Upon our arrival into Atlanta, there were few clouds that made it bumpy but it was a smooth landing.  The mad rush started when I had to go to different concourse to catch my connecting flight to Los Angeles, California.  The boarding was smooth but when I got to my seat, I couldn’t recline due to the exit row behind me.  I was so mad because I had paid 35$ for the upgraded seat so I can be closer to the exit and over the wing which turn out very disastrous because I was unable to get any good shots due to being so cramped up and not able to recline.

Dubai Air Wing B737-BBJ

              Upon arrival into Los Angeles, we had to wait an extra 15 minutes due to the fact they did not have a gate agent present to dock the air bridge to the aircraft which was good because actually, when we got off our bags were waiting for us, and my personal luggage was the first to arrive.  I whisk away to the car rental agency to pick up my car and head to the known spotting location, Imperial Hill to begin my vacation.

As we descend into Los Angeles International Airport

            I must say it was perfect weather on Saturday the day of my arrival and on Sunday, the weather changed very dramatically to a point it was looking very iffy and dull.  It was very foggy I was worried that our Air to Air would have been cancelled due to the marine layer, which was coming in very quickly but disappeared by the time it reaches the terminals.  It made for good weather shots and lots of vapor and cloud burst.  Over the next couple of days, the weather improved and I was able to sit at Imperial Hill in El Segundo and enjoy all the wonders of spotting at Los Angeles International Airport.

Korean Air A388 departing LAX bound for South Korea

            Got news that the new Boeing 737MAX was flying into Long Beach International Airport, for a stop with continuation to Dallas Love Field, Texas. This worked out perfect because I was heading down to San Diego that day, just quick pit stop and continues to head south for the final leg of my trip to Southern California. On my way there I decided to stop at the Queen Mary Cruise liner, which was a luxurious ship from 1936-1967. The parking was atrocious and expensive so I decided to say for 30mins, which was free. I was able to capture few images of this mighty ship.

RMS Queen Mary docked as a permanent museum at Long Beach, CA

          Upon my arrival in San Diego I must say, it was smooth process when I was checking-in, got to the room and relaxed for a little bit and decided to head down to the airport, and capture few arrivals. I must say he weather was so nice and cool. I pretty much stayed there until the sunset and got as much as I could with the clouds that were rolling in. The next several days, I visited the USS Midway aircraft carrier, which was built after World War II; it saw action in Korea and Vietnam before being decommissioned in 1992. Even though there was an air show I decided to not to attended just for the fact it would be too crowded and I wasn’t feeling comfortable being there. Netherless I did enjoyed my time in San Diego and made the trip back to Los Angeles, which I had the privilege of doing one, more Air to Air with an Australian friend. I was quite happy with the results and the shots I was able to get.

USS Midway CVN-41

                Well I must say this was a very successful trip and enjoyed it and now for my long journey back to Fayetteville, NC and process of editing. Hope you enjoyed my journey and I will be reporting soon with my next big adventure.

Departing Cali bound for Atlanta, during an early morning sunrise.


Here are few more shots my trip whop you enjoy them.


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