Carpe Diem trip to Raleigh Durham International Airport

Hillary Clinton Campaign Aircraft B737-800 N881XA

Sunday would be a day I would never forget, just a like any other weekend day, I pondered if I should go spotting or not. Well this day I decided to go because of a good friend of mine invited me to come-up and hang out for a while. I decided just leave around 8am so I can arrive around 9:30 or so catch the departure of Delta Airlines B757 and of course FedEx 767 and hoping for any other specials that might come in on that day.

When I arrived at the Raleigh Durham International Observation deck, I noticed that there was Hillary Clinton Campaign plane N881XA, and Xtra Airlines B737-800, she was campaigning in Durham with her team at a Baptist Church. My friend showed up early and we hanged around and chit chatted we got a daylight departing UPS MD-11F which is unusually, also I was very  happy that I was able to get two different Frontiers A321s, one of which I got in Los Angeles International Airport about a month ago during my vacation.

Madam Hillary Clinton convoy

The Sunday traffic was pretty light, just the usual traffic, but the General Aviation was bumping pretty much with the campaign planes and lots of private jets. Around 2pm a USAF C-37A arrived and awaited its passengers. So, I decided to stick around and hopefully get a glimpse of the passenger but didn’t due to the wing blocking my view. Noticed the crowd started on the General Aviation observation deck began to get packed a little so I decided to stick around hoping a glimpse of one of the presidential candidate. Well my perseverance paid off, and the convoy of secret service motorcade and the presidential candidate rolled in from the east and made pass, it was amazing, I have never seen anything like this. Once the candidate stepped out of her vehicle I used my super telephoto lens and I was able to capture this moment, and it will me a moment I will never forget.

Madam Hillary Clinton

In all Sunday 23 October was a productive day spotting and hanging out hanging out great friends. Next week I will Charlotte-Douglas International Airport spotting. Take care all the best.



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