Washington-Dulles International Airport trip 2016

Well this was failed blooper, I made a quick trip to Washington- Dulles International Airport to capture this rare beauty as it graces, the US on stop-overs to South America, to deliver 160-ton cargo. When the schedule was posted online, I was ecstatic because I have never seen one in person and always wanted a photograph of it. Reserved a car and hotel, close by to the airport, there was a hiccup on my car rental because they wanted to give me a larger vehicle than originally requested. It was a quick fix and drove to Virginia which was a 5-hour trip with some traffic.

Once I arrived to Virginia, I checked the trending reports for the AN-225, and it was delayed, with possible cancellation due to logistical issues at the final destination in Chile. I was rather disappointed and all optimisms of seeing this rare beauty soon dashed. On Saturday, I got an early message from a friend in Leipzig, Germany that the AN-225 flight was back on schedule and still coming to Washington-Dulles Area. The AN-225 “Myria” departed bound for Keflavik, Iceland with a fuel stop and continue to Goose Bay, Canada for another fuel stop then onwards to Washington-Dulles International airport with a fuel stop and onwards to Miami and so forth.

Decided to do a little spotting from the parking garage and just say I didn’t nothing landing on 1C, everything was landing on 1R and taking off on runway 30. The only good thing I would say I was able to get FedEx and UPS both 767s in wonderful winter/fall light. Decided to burn off some time at the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, next to airport. I think which is one of the best aviation museum in Virginia. I have been here about 3 times and just being in here I felt like a kid again and it addition the parking lot is a great place to catch 1R arrivals into Dulles International Airport in afternoon.

Toured around the museum catch few new additions and also seeing the space shuttle was amazing. I hope I can see the other two ones that are currently on display at various museums around the United States. After, a quick tour around grabbed a little food from the restaurant and headed to the parking lot, where I met couple other spotters, who came to capture the AN-225 but were also disappointed about the delays and possible flight change also.

The rest of the day turned out pretty good, there were two other spotters also and so there was a total of 5 of us just enjoying the lovely fall/winter day catching as much arrivals into Dulles from the parking lot. Later on, evening as the aircraft reaching Keflavik, Iceland rumors had it, the flight schedules changed and is now heading to Houston, Texas instead of Washington-Dulles as originally planned. I was quite furious about this change because it got my excitement back up when I heard the schedule was back on. Now everything was drab, no chance of seeing this aircraft. Feeling disappointed I woke up early to do a little night photography of the main terminal which turned to be a success.

In all I must say it was very interesting and hope one day I will see this magnificent aircraft as they resume services and possible order a second aircraft which is currently being built by Chinese aviation company. Well until next time, and hope my next journeys takes me to Miami International Airport in December.



2 thoughts on “Washington-Dulles International Airport trip 2016

  1. This was a fantastic read! I was also expecting to see the An-225 at Dulles. I had seen the schedule for it online on Friday, November 11, and was overwhelmingly excited to see the massive aircraft. However, as you said, it decided to land at Houston IAH at nearly the last moment. I suspect that this was to make up for lost time after its engine fire on Friday. It was supposed to go to Miami also, but that airport was skipped too. It’s now in South America and I hope it will land at Dulles on its way back to Ukraine. You can find me on YouTube as DullesPlaneSpotter if you’re interested in watching some plane spotting videos or chatting.

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