Raleigh-Durham International Airport

On Saturday 19th November 2016, made a weekend trip to Raleigh-Durham International Airport just to spot for couple hours. The weather turned out pretty well, started chilling in the morning around 48F then it warmed up pretty quickly to around 67F and very windy, and the light was perfect I love the fall and winter light which isn’t too harsh.

There wasn’t anything special happening at the airport just the regular visitors, Saturdays tend to be very quiet with airline traffic as the summer traffic is about to wind down and winter season begins. The couple hours which I spent at the observation deck and parking garage, I was able to catch the daily FedEx Boeing 767 departure to Memphis, the Paris and London Heathrow arrivals.

In the afternoon period the winds started to pick up gusting around 22 knots, hoping for couple go arounds we were fortunate but there were some scary moments as these gusts pick up.

The star attraction of the evening was when a three ship US Army Apache AH-64s departed from the North Carolina National Guard base to an unknown destination. In all I, must say it was a fun day, just meeting other fellow spotters and some to locals who come to the observation deck to hangout and enjoy aviation as much I do.






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