Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina I must say is a very beautiful state. I never realized how beautiful it is until I visited there one fall weekend in November. The drive to Charleston, was pretty smooth not very scenic, just all interstate driving. First stop I made was to Patriot Point Naval and Maritime Museum, where I spent most of the evening exploring this World War II ship the USS Yorktown. I have been to many aircraft carrier museums and this one strikes out to be one of the best there were. Even though many are typically the same but this one pretty unique and history. What captivated my experience there were model ships of various World War II ships and Japanese war vessels. It was great to actually see some of these warships in miniature sizes. Spent most of the evening exploring the museum, it was time to check-in to my hotel which I was able to get a nap in of course and proceeded to dinner which I had a tasty lamb dinner at a Turkish restaurant. I must say that was the best dinner ever in a long time.

Found a good location to capture night photos of the bridge at night and didn’t realize mosquitoes would be an issue, so I spent a lot of time shooing away mosquitoes, while taking photos. It was great sight to see, just capturing the bridge at sunset, was my biggest highlight and rewarding experience.

Even though this was a very short trip but I must say I was very happy, that I was able to explore some of the sights around this town. Hope to visit again sometime. Till next time. Happy Photogs.



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