50 Days till Airshow Season begins

The first airshow starts in 50 days with the MCAS Beaufort, South Carolina with the Blue Angels performing and other various civilian performers. It will be my second time attending this show in 2015 I was able to only attend Sunday due to the fact of the weather. Hopefully the weather this year will be perfect and bring on the Jet-A fuel and sounding roar of military aircraft engine.

With that being said, In May I plan to attend the McEntire JNGB, and start an epic journey that will take me to the heart of Europe to do some amazing spotting in Germany, details of my trip will be published at a later time but in the meanwhile I plan to visit Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Stuttgart before heading back to the united States and driving 6-7 hours back to North Carolina for Wings over Wayne, Goldsboro, NC for another epic airshow which will feature the RCAF F-18 demo the F-22 raptor. I am pleased to see the Canadians again, and their Canada 150th Anniversary, which should be good see, since it painted all red, in the maple leaf design.


Have a wonderful day.



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