MCAS Beaufort Airshow 2017




by Richard Jack-James

As you know air show season has begun and this was my first show of the year and I must say I was quite pleased with the flying displays were everything you need to have on a fun packed, and exciting air show.

Per usual early morning ritual was to leave Fayetteville, NC early in the morning for the 4 ½ hr drive with that I invited a very good friend of mine to his first air show, he was quite pleased but wasn’t too happy with the early morning drive to South Carolina, which was off I-95, so it was quite an easy drive.

Once arrived, it was quite easy to parking as close to the main entrance for the air show, but a long trek since you have follow a specific route, normally they would let us early but due to tighter security concerns we had wait a little before entering. The static displays were pretty weak, there wasn’t as much Airforce static like in the previous shows, but I made due with what was there. There was even had a dummy FA-18 and I didn’t even know until someone pointed it out to me. I was kind of disappointed
because the paint scheme was so nice, nice yellow jacket paint scheme.

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The weather turned out pretty great it was hot and humid but great for photographing military warbirds and civilian performers, we couldn’t ask for great air show weather there wasn’t not a cloud in the sky and the temps were brutal and the humidity but with little wind we were having the wind helped it helped cooled the temps down.

The main highlights of the air show were the F-35B demo, AV-8B Harrier and of course the US Navy Blue Angels. We even got a little surprise the CH-53E “Sea Stallion” based out of Jacksonville, NC gave the crowd a quite a demo on Sunday, it wasn’t part of schedule of events but due to the high altitude clouds the MARSOC US Marines Special Operation Command couldn’t do their high jump but instead gave the cloud a marvellous display on the second day.

In all it was a very successful air show, and I was very happy with the results of my photos and also gave my German friend his first experience to air shows, which he was thrilled for. In all it was a great air show and I was pleased with the outcome, as always the US Navy Blue Angels put on a great show and the crowd was pleased.

Stayed tune for my next blog where I will be writing from McEntire Join National Guard Base, Eastover, South Carolina.



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