Aerial Photography

AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY SOUTH KOREA 2018-04-11 BY RICHARD JACK-JAMES Over the past six months I have been focusing a lot on aerial photography and the different aspects it can have on my landscape photography. I must say I am intrigued how everything looks different from above. During my recent trip to Tobago, my native land. Aerial … More Aerial Photography

McEntire Joint National Guard Base Airshow 2017

McENTIRE JOINT NATIONAL GUARD BASE AIRSHOW 2017 COLUMBIA, SC 06-07MAY2017 BY RICHARD JACK-JAMES The second air show within less than a week of Marine Air Corps Station Beaufort which was in Beaufort, SC and my blood was pumping was pumping for the F-22 Raptor and of course the foreign participator our Canadian neighbours from the … More McEntire Joint National Guard Base Airshow 2017

Airshow 2017

Airshows 2017 As stated in my earlier blog, I was scheduled to be moving from the East Coast to Seattle Washington, as it looks for now that have been changed.  Instead of going to Washington State, I am be moving to Savannah, Georgia area. Which I am pretty pleased.  This means I will be able … More Airshow 2017

Upcoming Road Trip

Road Trip of 2016 In two months, I will be embarking on an epic journey road-trip across the United States. This road trip adventure will take me across, United States with a total of 10 states, estimate distance traveled 4,000 miles in 2 weeks. This road trip, my adventures will take me to various National Parks, … More Upcoming Road Trip

GoPro Hero 5

Decided to indulge myself and finally got the GoPro Hero 5, for my upcoming road trip across the U.S.A in the early spring. Stay Tuned my fellow Blog readers

Happy New Year 2017

As I reflect on what 2016, It was an amazing year it was been attended 4 different airshows along the east coast, had some very memorable shots, visit Saint Maarten and of course beautiful LAX. It was challenging but rewarding. In 2016 met some awesome photographers and new friends from all over the world. I … More Happy New Year 2017